Mapping a car or remapping a car is now frequent general chat on club forums and among car club enthusiasts but just what exactly is remapping.
Well this largely falls into 3 main categories.

  1. eMapp
    Remapping of a manufacturer ECU already fitted to the car allows us to change the parameters for fueling and ignition across the entire rev range of the vehicle allowing increased performance accordingly. This is refered to as our "eMapp" system.

  2. Plug & Play
    Plug & play effectively means a system where the cars ECU is replaced with a more programmable version of an engine management system and again allows us to remap the ignition and fuelling etc to create more power and torqe.

  3. Full Install
    A full install system comprises all the above plus linked control of associated features such as traction control, launch control and water cooling of intercoolers etc.

  4. Piggy Back
    When only control over fuelling is required a fuel controller such as the Apexi Neo can be used as a cost effective alternative to plug & play ECUs.

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