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Weston Performance are a Midlands Based Perfomance Car Centre.

Here at Weston Performance we can handle a small job such as a general service and tuning / re-mapping, fitting turbo's including conversions to a total engine rebulid.

We specialise in Japanese cars such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Subaru as well as others.

We also supply and fit performance exhausts, dump valves, suspension, brakes and lots more.

State of the art 4 Wheel Rolling Road which we use for tuning and remapping ecu's, this is also used for Car Club Dyno Days so why not give us a call!


Dyno Rolling Road capable of 3600bhp - Dyno Days
Car Club Dyno Days allow your club members to bring there cars and put them on the dyno to see how powerfull they are!

Dyno Rolling Road

Weston Performance has carried out a significant and major investment in acquiring a Dyno Dynamics full multi vehicle four wheel drive adjustable rolling road test facility incorporating the latest in dyno tuning from the worlds most well respected manufacturer of this type of specialist equipment.


ECU Remapping aswell as supply and installing Piggy Back ECU's and much more - Get the most from your engine with a Weston Remap Engine Tuning - ECU Re Map

ECU Remapping and engine tuneup will assit your car in running at its optimum levels and at the same time giving you maximum performance.



At Weston Performance we are able to offer our clients individual specialist one to one technical guidance and advice on carrying out specialist modifications or unusual conversions to any kind of vehicle including big block American cars, custom cars, kit cars or one off project cars Chasis Tuning - Suspension Replacment and Setup

We are able to re-engineer vehicles for anything from drag racing to circuit racing, drifting, saloons and endurance events. We can build vehicles to F.I.A. specifications and much more. Please enquire with your specific requirements.

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Call us now on 08452 60 60 70